Programme of activities



and climbing

Secured by means of a belt you reach the top of the mountain on own strength. Or still tense?......... You descend them!!! you learn also the
so-colled security.



Enjoy leisurely the modem version
of an old hunting weapon: archery


Discover by kayak the beautiful? nature of the Belgian Ardennen. You can choose an 8 or 18km long speed on the river "Ourthe". Included safety jacket and impermeable ton for valuable things. Or maybe your lunch???

Electric bike

Relaxing bike ride on an electric bike. You have a choice of different routes and distances (e.g. Durbuy and La Roche) all suited to your needs.

Includes: GPS-helmet
waterproof Pannier-water bottle
and repair kit.

of course also possible.



Crawling trough mother earth searching for the right gangway... or way out? You've got to be resistant against a little mud. We offer you the possibility to visit one of the most touristique caves. Under guidance of a guide.

ATB & Mountainbike

Adventurous all-terrain-bike excursion concerning hardened and muddy paths and ways. You can choose several routes, coordinated on your wishes/level.
Included; map, helmet, repairing- and EHBO kit, bidon.

High Ropes
An exciting challangeparcours over the river and trough the trees, secured by ropes. You'll finish by a spectacular death-ride.



You'll undertake a number of tasks in team, cooperation is required. How does, this go?
You'll evaluate it with us afterwards.


Orientation course

(Card and compass course) with card and compass at the hand, will enjoy you the beautiful surroundings around Beffe. Do we see again you?



Do you want to explore the Ardennen in a different way?? We absorb some outdoorsteps, with wich you can make a great excursion.